3 Offseason Targets for the Angels

Updated: September 24, 2015

The free agent class of 2015-2016 is destined to be one of the richest talent pools for quite some time. For teams on the fringe, it could mean the difference that leads to a world championship. No matter what happens throughout the rest of this season, the Angels definitely have clear holes in their lineup that need to be addressed in the offseason. Never mind the ongoing search for the new General Manager, because whoever it is will have to hit the ground fast. With that, here’s a look at three attainable free agents that Halos should target going into the 2016 season.


Jeff Zamardija (RHP):


There are some primetime pitchers in this free agent class to be. David Price, Marco Estrada, the eventual Zack Greinke opt-out, Johnny Cueto and Jordan Zimmerman. Perennial All-Stars, there’s no doubt about that, and they are going to command potentially record breaking contracts. Zamardija makes sense for the Angels because he will come at a much lower cost in comparison to one of the top tier pitchers. Where a guy like Zimmerman or Price will command a payday somewhere north of 180-190 million, Zamardija could be had for somewhere in the range of 5 years 100-120 million. Don’t be fooled by his surprisingly high ERA this season, as he has all the pitches to be a top of the rotation guy. His durability also makes him a safe bet on the injury front.




 Gerardo Parra (OF):


Parra is the player the Angels should’ve acquired at this seasons trade deadline. Not only can he consistently produce at the dish, he is a fantastic defensive outfield. Since being acquired by the Orioles at the deadline Parra has cooled off slightly at the plate but still holds a .269 average with 5 home runs and 17 runs batted in. In a spot that the Angels just haven’t seemed able to produce any offense, Parra in left field would be an immediate upgrade over any guy who has played the position for the Halos this season. Parra also won’t command as much as say a Justin Upton, and a contract anywhere in the range of 3 years and right around 30 million would put a smile on any GM’s face.




Chris Davis (1B):


I should preface this by saying that Albert Pujols would have to accept a more full-time role as designated hitter. I would also say that of all three of these possibilities, Davis would be the least likely but let’s just assume for the sake of an article that Pujols was willing to take a back seat in terms of fielding. With that road block out of the way, imagine the power Davis brings to this already potent offense. With the emergence of C.J. Cron, and already with the talent of Mike Trout and future hall of famer Albert Pujols, this offense becomes a lot more deadly with a monster like Davis. Do you remember the season Josh Hamilton posted just prior to leaving the Rangers? Well, if you’re having trouble, he had 43 jacks and drove in 128 runs. Now of course Josh Hamilton didn’t exactly work out in Anaheim but this is a good comparison point. This season Davis also has 43 home runs and I would expect that he’ll command a similar contract to that of Hamilton’s. (5 years/125 million) Davis could expect to earn a little over 100 million over the same contract length as Hamilton, and if say the Halos strike out on a guy like Justin Upton or Gerardo Parra, the acquisition of Davis would send shock-waves through the rest of the AL West if not all of baseball.




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