3 Things We Learned From The Angels’ 8-3 Loss To The Rangers

Updated: April 13, 2017

The Angels came into the night winners of their last four ballgames, but now face a losing streak in their name. With tonight’s defeat they lost the series against the Texas Rangers and have lost two straight. The strong momentum they had coming into this series, has gone south.  Even though the Angels are sitting pretty with six wins, they have yet to get a solid performance from any of their starters. Angels starters have yet to be impressive this season.

     1. Angels rotation has been very weak thus far

Right-hander Ricky Nolasco did not last long today as he went only five innings, allowing eight hits, five earned runs and two home-runs. This has been a reoccurring spell for the Angels as they have yet to see a starter last more than six innings. The Angels bullpen is a hit or miss depending on the day, and it will wear out sooner or later. For example this series, the Halo’s have had so much momentum yet lost because of poor rotation play.

     2. Mike Trout is getting zero help 

Even on the off days for the Angels, Mike Trout seems to still achieve more than expected. Mike Trout finished the day with two hits and a walk, but his supporting teammates could not help at all. It was an off day for the Halos, but let’s hope this is not a reoccurring thing. We need to rally behind Trout.

3. Yu Darvish Still Owns The Angels 

Coming into this game, Darvish held a 7-2 record against the Angels as from the start he was in the zone and was going to win this game. He finished the game with seven strong innings, allowing only five hits, striking out ten Halos, and allowing zero runs. Darvish collected his 8th win against the Angels, as his drop curveball was dangerous all game.

Side Note 

The Angels were also 1-8 with RISP today. This was probably why there was no Halo comeback today. Anaheim also left six runners on base today.

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