5 Best Moments of Mike Trouts 2016 MVP Season

Updated: November 17, 2016

Robbing a Grand Slam on his 25th Birthday!

Seems almost routine for Mike to make amazing catches like this, and he obviously wasn’t going to let his birthday go by without celebrating it somehow.

 Owning The King Felix Hernandez

This season alone Trout boasted a .461 Batting Average with 2 Home runs and 6 RBIs against the former Cy Young winner. In his career Mike Trout bats .382 against The King and has more homers than any other player against him.

Vin Scully Praising Mike Trout

The broadcasting Legend Vin Scully praises Trout in his final season of announcing Dodgers games after he smashes a first inning home run against the crosstown rivals.

Crazy slide into home against Blue Jays

Mike Trout is great at all things including sliding, no one was going to stop him from scoring on this play. Trout made the sprint from second to home in 7.43 seconds, according to Statcast™, which is tied for his eighth-fastest of 2016. WATCH HERE: 

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-7-12-54-pmAlex Alarcon | Halo Headquarters

Granting someone’s Wish.

One of the best things about Mike Trout is that he never acts larger than life even though it may seem like he is. It is a known fact about Trout that he always makes time for his fans whether it is to sign autographs, take pictures, or in this instance hang out with a kid whose wish it was just to meet Mike.

Trout led the Majors in runs (123), walks (116), on-base percentage (.441), OPS+ (174), weighted runs created plus (171) and both the Baseball Reference (10.6) and FanGraphs (9.4) versions of the Wins Above Replacement stat.

Congratulations Mike Trout 2016 AL MVP!!!


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