According to one GM, the Angels are a Triple-A team without Mike Trout

Updated: November 16, 2016

Buckle up, Angels fans. This is going to be an interesting article that includes the topic of the Angels trading Trout, along with a GM speaking the truth. Angels CF Mike Trout is one of the biggest superstars in sports today, but one report suggests he may be given a good offer to head east.

According to one MLB scout, the Yankees may be gearing up to trade a bevy of top-flight young players to pry Trout from the Los Angeles Angels.

That comes from a conversation WFAN’s Sweeny Murti had with a scout in September:

“You don’t accumulate all those prospects with the intent of keeping them all,” the scout told me. “They have value and it makes complete sense to spin off four of five of them for Trout. It’s very much a Yankees kind of move and makes too much sense for them.”

The Yankees may have one of the best farm systems in the MLB, but according to another GM it would be stupid of Arte Moreno to trade Trout in his prime.

“All of that is true,” a GM said. “But that has zero percent chance of happening.” Talk about a killjoy. “Nobody wants to trade that guy,” the GM told me.”

“Billy can’t be the guy who traded Mike Trout. Arte Moreno (the Angels owner) can’t be that guy. It would be like the Bulls trading Michael Jordan in his prime. The only thing that team has going right now is Mike Trout. Without him they’d be a Triple-A team.”

Are the Angels a Triple-A team without him? Trout put up a .315/.441/.550 slash line in 2016. Through his age-24 season, Trout has accumulated 48.5 WAR—the most of any player at that age in the history of the sport.


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