Alex Meyer Filled in As Teacher During Off-Season

Updated: March 24, 2017

Angels manager Mike Scioscia has seen plenty of players have side jobs during the off-season. He told Logan Newman of, that he’s seen players do anything from “bartender to dogcatcher” during their off time.

One job he hasn’t seen from players is what 27-year-old pitcher Alex Meyer does during his off-season. Meyer is a  substitute teacher in his hometown of Greensburg, Ind.

Meyer told Logan Newman, “Before being a baseball player, when I was in college, I always planned on education being in my future when I was done,” “You always have a backup plan.”

The town is so small that Meyer has worked with all age groups from kindergarten through high school. He doesn’t focus on a specific subject or group, but enjoys working with the high school students.

Meyer only substituted once this off-season because he was much busier than he used to be. He finds time for his side gig when he can, but says the toughest part of filling in is getting through lesson plans and making sure the kids don’t get out-of-hand.

Meyer says he has not experienced any “crazy instances”, but that could be because the kids want to impress a professional baseball player, or the fact Meyer is huge at 6-foot-9 it intimidates them.

“I’ve been lucky, it’s been fairly easy for me,” Meyer said. “Kids aren’t bad or anything. They usually listen.”

Meyer has struggled this spring, posting a 7.20 ERA in five appearances. He’s pitched 10 innings, with nine earned runs, and 10 walks. He continues to fight for a spot on the Angels 25-man roster, but if for some reason this baseball thing doesn’t work out, at least Meyer has a backup plan.

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