Angel fans remember the greatest Jered Weaver memories

Updated: February 18, 2017

After 11 years in Anaheim Jered Weaver’s career as an Angel has come to an end. Weaver has reportedly agreed on a deal with the San Diego Padres. It’s a one-year deal worth $3 million for the upcoming 2017 season.

With the recent news, Angel fans went on social media to remember their greatest memories of the Halo veteran. Weaver also went on social media to thank the Angels community.  Here are just a few memories fans of Weaver brought up today.

In his rookie year, Weaver would finish the season with a 11-2 record and came up 5th place in the rookie of the year voting.

His no-hitter is probably one of the greatest moments for Weaver as an Angel. Weaver unleashed his first no-hitter on Wednesday night at Angel Stadium, silencing the Twins, 9-0, by facing two over the minimum.

“I never expected to throw a no-hitter, to be honest. I’m happy it happened here, in front of the home fans.””He wanted the family to be able to enjoy his career,” Dave Weaver said. “He loves the West Coast. He lives in Newport Beach and recently bought a home in Westlake for the future.

Anybody else remember the death stare? First, they came at Weaver and Curry with a pair of Gatorade buckets. Both were targeted and both were doused, which appeared to dampen Weaver’s mood just a bit. Perhaps because Weaver didn’t appreciate or endorse them coming after Curry as she attempted to do her job on live TV.

Whatever the case, that was only the beginning. As the interview continued, someone from the Angels dugout tossed an apparently loaded water bottle that struck Weaver in the chest.

Alex Alarcon | Halo Headquarters

Maybe Jered Weaver is the Ultimate Angel? 

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