Angel Stadium Voted In 10 MLB Stadiums You Should Avoid

Updated: March 4, 2017

I was casually reading some Angels news, and came across an article from Sports Cheat Sheet titled “10 MLB Stadiums You Should Avoid”  I thought it could be an interesting article and clicked on the link. A couple of clicks later, came the No. 8 spot with Angel Stadium at the headline.

According to Sports Cheat Sheet…

While it’s hard to go wrong with outdoor baseball in the beautiful weather of California, Angel Stadium in Anaheim somehow finds a way to be subpar.

There are mountains in the view in the backround, but you practically have to squint to see them. And, of course, you have to look beyond the highway. Deadspin has a few choice things to say about the home of the Los Angeles Angels:

I don’t think that there is anything more representative of living in southern California than being able to watch traffic while at a baseball game. … And if you do decide to walk to or from the stadium to the bar, be prepared to take your life in your hands. The road that leads to the stadium doesn’t have sidewalks and includes an underpass where Anaheim’s homeless like to gather/use as a toilet.

This all completely overlooks the fact that the Angels are extremely mediocre without a ton of hope to be good again in the future, but at least they have Mike Trout and relatively cheap tickets?

Agree or disagree fans? Really don’t understand the whole mountains int he background if your eyes should be on the game.

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