Gregorio Petit Gets the Angels close but not close enough

Updated: June 20, 2016

That was some game. One word can only describe it: Brutal. The Angels could not respond the barrage of runs by the Astros. Struggles were found everywhere; hitting or pitching.

Chacin started on the mound, within 3 innings he gave up 5 earned runs and the books were closed for Chacin. A blowout game kept piling on for the Halos. Then Two more runs came into the 4th inning. Down by 7 in the back-to-back doubles bring in two runs for the Angels. The Astros are still hungry and looking for more put up a 3 spot. After Johnny Giavotella, comes to the plate and belts a homer to left field slightly trimming the lead.

Now the top of the ninth 3 singles will load the bases for Gregorio Petit. First pitch swinging and the ball is gone! Petit hit the first grand slam for the Angels this year.

The struggling bullpen was called into early. The pen has been just as streaky as the Angels entire season. The pen is the unsung heroes but they lack consistency. A disappointing outing by Chacin. who could not even go five innings. Seems like the starting pitching does a 180 each time an Angel pitcher takes the mound.

The offense is there most of the time and can comeback, but without consistent good pitching the season is already lost. With more and more guys coming off the disabled list will add much needed depth to the starting rotation

Now they must notice this man who works hard. If the Angels can’t find a spot for him in the lineup then the manager position should be questioned. Petit allowed an ugly game to become a close one. He should get some recognition

Angels drop the first game of the series but look to bounce back tomorrow against the Astros.

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