The Angels: ‘Built Just to Let Down?’

Updated: June 8, 2016

A few seasons ago, after God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ballgame, the Angels‘ 7th-inning stretch started closing out with the song, Buttercup Baby, by The Foundations. Now most of you were likely in line for the bathroom or a beer, but it’s time you heard some very disconcerting lyrics:

“Why do you build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down, and mess me around…”

As an Angels fan, I don’t want to be built up and let down, kind of like when Matt Shoemaker builds us up with a a great pitching performance, only to then have Jose Alvarez let us down by giving up a three-run homer to the Yankees‘ Carlos Beltran. I want to win. Sure our bullpen, or whoever is to blame on a given loss could have just sucked that game, but are we really helping ourselves out by singing about being let down? It’s like we’re willing disappointing losses and bad luck. And I wish I could say there have just been a few fluke incidents, but our season so far has been a series of build ups and let downs.

Like when we were built-up because we thought we were going to have a healthy Tyler Skaggs back from Tommy John surgery, only to start the season with him back on the DL. Or Garret Richards and Andrew Heaney hitting the DL almost instantly after the season started and both nearly having to have Tommy John surgery as well. And the let down of losing our new star shortstop Andrelton Simmons to the DL after only 31 games in the regular season. Of course that is only this season. We all experienced the incredible build up, and ultimately terrible let down of our Josh Hamilton era. Or, who could forget the high heading into the 2014 playoffs with the best record in baseball, only to experience the painful disappointment of being swept by the Royals in the Division Series.

With the Angels falling further under .500, as well as Jo Smith and Nick Tropeano being added to our long list of Angels on the DL, I start to wonder, are our beloved Angels cursed? And if so, what is cursing them? Could it be as simple as those ill-fated lyrics before we’re due up in bottom of the seventh?

So this Angels fan suggests we ditch our Buttercup Baby, break the curse, and find ourselves a new 7th-inning stretch song. My pick is, Phantom Planet’s, California, aka The O.C. theme song. We’re Orange County’s team, even though we may be The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, so let’s claim it in our 7th-inning stretch song.

Comment or share what song you think should be played during the Angels’ 7th-inning stretch.

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