Angels Continue To Struggle, Get Swept By Dodgers

Updated: August 2, 2015

If you thought getting swept by the Houston Astros was bad, getting swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers probably hurt even more. It sucks to watch a great team like the Angels continue to lose with their great talent. Once again we have to look at the multiple reasons on how the Angels couldn’t win the past six games.

The Bad News: 

The Angels Offense has been a hit or miss. In the first two games against the Astros, the Angels took the lead early. In the first two Innings of both games, the Angels scored a total of 5 runs. Not bad right? But the Angels quickly gave the lead back quickly to the Astros. Once the Astros re-gained the lead the Angels offense went cold. In the last game of the series against the Astros, it was a pitching duel until the bottom of the 9th. A walk-off home-run gave the Angels their third straight lost. The Angels offense continued to stay cold as they went to L.A.

The Angels never had a single lead against the Dodgers in their three total games. Now that is some pretty bad news. The Angels always had to come from behind to at least tie it up, but the Dodgers would come back with ease.

The Angels Bullpen: Fernando Salas. Salas did not have the best couple of series as well. Salas came to relief three times during six games, and allowed two home-runs with a total of three earned runs. Salas did however come to relief in today’s matchup and did not allow a run, so I guess we can say he ended on a good note.

The Angels have lost 9 out of 10, and are on a 6 game losing streak.

The Good News: Andrew Heaney went toe-to-toe with the MVP Clayton Kershaw and only lost by a hair. I know for a fact Heaney will play a key factor for the Angels in the future.

The Angels bullpen have been close to great against the Dodgers this series, but that one error could lead to a two run home-run. Need to cut down on the tiny errors that leads to game changers.

Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun were on fire. Trout and Calhoun both hit home-runs and played an important role in the series against the Dodgers.

Remember Angel Fans, The Angels are still right in the mix for the postseason, and would have to completely screw up to not even be mentioned as a playoff team right now. The Halo’s may not look like a playoff team right now, but when they are together, this team could be a force to reckon with in the A.L. West.

When will this losing streak end? I hope soon, Go Angels

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