Angels draft Signing Updates and More.

Updated: June 15, 2016

With the draft behind us Angels have something to look forward too. A more than decent draft. It’s exciting to think that we can have great potential up in these draft picks. But will they sign?

The first round pick for the Angels, Matt Thaiss signed yesterday with the Angels during yesterday’s ballgame. As a first rounder Thiass was assigned price tag of $2,660,800, but the Angels reportedly signed him for $2.15 mil. There is no word as of regarding the bonus amount. Thiass, is a great addition, definitely a power threat in any lineup he’s put in, but lacks a better defensive prowess than most catchers. Most likely to the Angels organization will move him to a corner infield position or to a corner outfield position if catching doesn’t work out.

The second big signing is the signing of shortstop Nolan Williams with an assigned value of $620,100 and a bonus of $950,000. Also got the experience to be on the field during BP and met a few recognizable players, like Mike Trout. Williams size is great since he stands 6’2” at 212 lbs, but he is an incredibly gifted athlete with tremendous speed and incredibly throwing arm. Don’t forget the bat, this shortstop can switch hit and has incredible bat speed at the plate. It’ll be interesting to see if the shortstop will be moved to another position due to his size, and if he’ll get rid of the LH hitting once moved to the pros.

The second basemen Jordan Zimmerman, also signed a $175,000 deal with Angels. Also sign the speedy outfielder Troy Montgomery out of Ohio State for $150,000 and the catcher Michael Barash. Then they sign of of the few prophecy a selected out of Hawaii LJ Kalawaia for an unspecified amount.

Yes, everybody talks up these prospects but it is fun to think about. It’s also exciting to for the players because they are closer to a dream bigger than themselves. Only time can tell if they can be big leaguers but it’ll be fun to watch them get there.

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