Angels get Clobbered by the Indians

Updated: August 12, 2016

Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels have had a really rough going in the past few games. So far the plays have been there. Just the pitching can’t find a way to get guys out.

Tyler Skaggs took the mound for the Angels. Today was clearly not his day, he got rocked by the Cleveland offense.

The Angels didn’t start off so got them selves. Call Calhoun started up the office with a solo home run given the age is a lead in the first inning. Mike Trout doubled following the homer. Albert singled old deep left scoring giving them a 2 to 0 lead.

Sadly the offense stop there but Tyler skaggs took the mound in the first inning.hoping that the runs would give him confidence sadly it turned worst. The Indians were able to get a run early as I cut the lead to one in the first inning. Do you have fins showing up early today was able to manufacture runs going cold from third. Sadly the early force was not enough to stop the Indians.

He didn’t know it but Skaggs would soon give up seven earned runs in only five innings of work. Saying it was rough would be putting it mildly, skip Skaggs got rocked and the Indians kept on knocking on his door and tell he’s finally taking out of the out of the fifth giving up seven runs. Yet the bullpen couldn’t even hold the Indians as well. The Indians would later tac on six more runs making it a 13 to 3 ball game.

At this point in the season all we can hope for is the Angels to not lose 100 games. To call these struggles is outrageous. The pitching staff is completely falling over themselves.

Like we’ve said all season, something needs to give depends on what it’s going to be. Goodnight everyone.

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