Angels Heartless Performance Deepens Losing Streak

Updated: May 11, 2016

The Angels offensive struggles continue as they only score 2 runs in tonight’s loss.

Tonight, C.J. Cron, was the only Angel that showed up to play tonight. The Angels, could not generate any type of offense. The pitching was not bad whatsoever., Shoemaker, did not pitch bad by any means. He has a good first inning, but the walks killed him, as he surrendered 4 runs through 4 innings of work. Not dominant by any means necessary, but he was able to keep the Cardinals at bay. the bullpen swept in and did a decent job. Mahle, did give up another run, but pitching was not the issue. The bullpen is doing an outstanding job keeping the team within the game. The problem is the offense.

The Angels, are 3 for 30 with runners in scoring position, and have only scored 8 runs in this 5 game losing streak. The offense only able to muster 4 hits. Cron, was able take one deep for a 2 run shot, lessening the lead but to no avail. He is the only one looking comfortable at the plate so far.

The Angels had plenty of chances to get more runs on the board, but the lineup lacks confidence. They are free swinging, and show up to the plate with no game plan. It’s hard tp be a fan and see your team role over themselves. Even the super star, Mike Trout, is struggling. The offense needs to wake up and it must happen tomorrow in order for the Angels to contend this season. The offense came from the opposing team in the 2nd inning as the Cardinals beat the Angels 5-2.

Tomorrow , Jared Weaver, will square off against Wainwright. Do not give up on these Angels, they have surprised us before and they can do it again. In order to pull off a miracle the Angels should attack the ball early and stay within their game plan. Lets hope they can do it watch the Halos tomorrow @ 7:05 PDT.


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