Angels Hope Bullpen Depth Will Get Them through Games

Updated: April 4, 2017

The Angels do not intend to have any labels placed on any particular pieces in their bullpen right now. While that sounds especially strange given that Huston Street is not around right now, the team is focused on a bit of a different approach. It may not appear to be conventional, yet it is one the man at the helm, Mike Scioscia, is mighty fond of.

Scioscia said for the time being that the club plans to utilize certain hurlers based on matchups in lieu of designating a particular face with a defined role. This came into play yesterday, for example, because J.C. Ramirez does not inherently have the makings of being a late inning guy. writer Maria Guardado recently put together an article detailing the skipper’s approach on how the later innings will be handled.

“‘I think we’ve got some really versatile arms that can pitch in high-leverage situations. I think you want to keep accruing that depth and have those guys there, so right now we’re going to match up. If one guy obviously starts to separate himself and is a guy that is pitching to save games, so be it. I think we have a lot of versatility, a lot of good arms. We’ll go about it that way.’”

The fact that Scioscia’s blueprint is structured this way denotes that no one will be given anything. If that is to occur as time moves forward, it will have to be earned when it comes to having that glitzy title.

It is difficult to imagine a name like Cam Bedrosian not pitching when a save opportunity emerges. Last year the young man started to prove he truly belongs in the big leagues. This spring, he only seemed to get better on account of the fact that he did not cough up a single run.

It is perhaps too premature to judge the team’s bullpen scenario, yet the reliance on everyone is a wise outlook. Baseball is a team sport, after all, and it will take help from each individual in the bullpen to try to throw off the opposition.

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