Angels Injury Report!

Updated: March 6, 2017

It’s early in Spring, and most injuries are minor up to this point, so it’s no time to panic when you see players popping up on the injury report or being scratch from starts. You can forgive the Angels‘ fans, however, for being worried anytime they see injury news regarding their team after the train wreck of injuries that occurred last season.

So far, the Angels already suffered an injury that put the player’s availability for Opening Day in doubt when Albert Pujols had to have offseason foot surgery, although Pujols is already running the bases and should make his debut some time this week.

While Pujols has rebounded and looks like he should be a starter for that first game, presumptive closer Huston Street has already suffered his annual injury that will keep him out at least 3-4 weeks, and his availability for Opening Day is seriously in doubt.

The only hope for the Angels is that Street gets his injury out of the way now and is available and productive for the rest of the season, and that this is not a sign of things to come for him this season. There have been a couple other minor injuries, such as Cam Bedrosian‘s lower body stiffness that he’s already recovered from but there are two injuries that rise a slight red flag, even at this early juncture.

Luis Valbuena – Valbuena has already missed four games due to ‘leg tightness’, and although it’s already being waved as nothing serious, it’s never a good thing when a player has to miss that many games in a row, especially a player locked in a positional battle. It’s doubly concerning when you  consider that Valbuena death with a right hamstring issue that eventually cut his season short when it required season-ending surgery. While there’s no reason to panic just yet, it’s definitely not a good thing.

Cameron Maybin – Maybin has been injured so many times in his career, if he ever made it to the Hall of Fame he’d sport a “DL” logo on his cap. Seriously, Maybin has basically lived on the designated list during his career, and any time he shows up on the injury report, it’s a problem. Maybin was scratched today for ‘minor shoulder fatigue,’ which is just vague enough to sound concerning.

Again, it’s being waved off as nothing to be worried about, but if Maybin is already dealing with health issues… look, it’s just not good, okay!? It’s worth being concerned about when this guy is already showing up on the injury report, and the hope is that the Angels are just being cautious and it’s nothing that will linger. You can’t really expect that with this guy, though, and with the way Ben Revere has been playing, if Maybin misses any significant time he will be in danger of losing his starting spot to the speedy outfielder who has been impressive so far this Spring.

The Bottom Line – There’s good reason not to panic at this point; the Angels are most likely just being cautious with players who are expected to contribute to this team. However, all three of these players are injury prone and have struggled to stay on the field, missing big chunks of time consistently throughout their career.

Any time they show up on the injury report it’s concerning, if not surprising. The Angels have done a decent job of building up depth in case of injury, but if the Angels are looking at anything even remotely close to the rash of injuries that sunk their season last year, they and all their fans should be concerned.

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