Angels Lincecum Project Turned into Nightmare

Updated: August 6, 2016

The Angels have a real problem on their hands. It is a problem the organization can no longer ignore. That problem exists in the bottom of their rotation. Tim Lincecum experiment has come to a conclusion, it’s a complete and utter failure.

The Angels may be reluctant to give up since Lincecum has accomplished so much in his career. Whenever he takes the mound, it looks like he is trying to learn his mechanics all over again. Lincecum is struggling with the mental part of the game. Constantly trying to find the feel for pitches, but he goes up already beaten by himself.

With the recovery of hip surgery, Lincecum had to learn how to pitch again. Which is already difficult. After a decent showing in a showcase seen by many other teams Lincecum decided to stay in sunny side SoCal with the Angels.
In his first appearance at A’s stadium the former Cy Young award winner threw a shutout, only striking out a few batters. We seems to get a Jered Weaver type vibe from the right-gander.

In order for Lincecum to be successful he has to realize he is no longer a power fastball pitcher.

Looking at his last outings, he has no comfort with his off speed pitches. Now no longer touching 95 plus with fastball and that’s his comfort pitch. Lincecum needs to focus on placement of the fastball rather than muscling up on the pitch.

Since he can’t blow hitters away, he has to be masterful with the off-speed and breaking balls. He’ll have to work with smoke and mirrors. Maybe take lessons from Weaver.

All jokes aside Lincecum need a comfort pitch that is not his fastball. If he can find the change or the split he’ll be plenty more effective. Sadly he hasn’t. In the nine games he’s pitched in he has an ERA of 9.16, 68 hits, 11 HR, 23 walks and 32 Strikeout.

We all want him to find it because he has had such a great career. The Angels need a solution because Lincecum is apart of the problem. The hitting is coming up, like the bullpen and it is time for a serious change. Granted they do not have anyone special to call up or give a shot at a starting spot.

If the Angels were to give Lincecum another start it would most likely be his last depending how he does. The Angels can no longer suffer with mediocre pitching in a division they’re trying not to finish dead last in.

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