Angels Looking to Boost Home Record, Starting Tonight with Home Opener

Updated: April 7, 2017

The Angels concluded their first official series of the season yesterday, splitting four games with the Oakland Athletics. There’s no denying that getting off to a fast start is important for this team. The Angels have made a habit of slow starts in recent years. We all know what a disaster last season was, but part of their struggles can be linked to a poor home record. They went 40-41 last year after two years of good home records. It goes without saying that a good home record is crucial to putting together a solid season. Going under .500 at home is a recipe for a losing season.

Tonight, the Angels kick off their home schedule with the opener against the Seattle Mariners. We’ve covered many keys to the Angels’s hopes of bouncing back this season. Two of them are a good home record and getting off to a fast start. The Angels can get both tonight, with newcomer Jesse Chavez towing the mound. We’ll get our first chance at seeing the one new pitcher in the rotation for the Halos. If the Angels can put together a solid month of April and string some wins together at home, it will be a huge boost for this team. For a team that has struggled to do that exact thing for years now, having a great home-opening series is important.

Obviously, it’s too early to place too much importance on any one game or series. Positive developments in the rotation and bullpen are the most important thing right now. Consistency in the lineup is another thing the Angels will be looking for. If those two things happen, the wins will come, regardless of the start. For a team that struggle so mightily last season, though, to jumping out to a strong start would go a long way. It starts tonight at home.

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