Angels Lose…Again [Like That’s Nothing New to Halo Fans Everywhere]

Updated: September 15, 2016

With a 2-1 loss to the Seattle Mariners at Angels Stadium, that clinch something that no one wants to hear: a losing season.

Cheer up, Angel fans: this is only their 3rd losing season in this decade [since the start of the 2010 season] and only the fifth losing season in this millennia [since the start of the 2000 season]. Is it the worst?

Maybe, if you include the 2001 season, when they went 75-87 [41 games behind Seattle, who went… never mind]. Obviously, this was a loss season, and our farm system is mediocre, so we are not going to gain some great players anytime soon, unless they make a blockbuster — and NOT another busted — signing from free agency.

Also, since fans are hoping to capture a top 5 pick, it looks like it’s more of a likely that we may get it for the 2017 MLB Draft. As of September 14, after the conclusion of all 15 games played, here’s the teams that have the least amount of wins to date, plus their winning percentage to separate the tie due to the amount of games that they have played:

1. Minnesota – 54 [.370]
2. Atlanta – 56 [.384]
3. Arizona – 61 [.421]
4. San Diego – 62 [.425]
5. Tampa Bay – 62 [.428] [Tied]
5. Cincinnati – 62 [.428] [Tied]
7. Anaheim – 63 [.434] [Tied]
7. Oakland – 63 [.434] [Tied]

If the season were to end on Wednesday, Anaheim will get the 7th spot [probably]; in the meantime, we’re now wondering how many losses the Angels will have, though it could have been worse had it not been for Mike Trout, via his WAR of over 9.

Then again, w/out him, we could be tied with Minnesota to see who’s worse, and that’s no fun. We gotta get back to where we were: when we were contending for a World Series championship.

2002 now seems like a lifetime ago, but with the supporting cast that guys like Trout have right now, it feels as this is a matter of “if”, not “when”, will he and the Angels will ever hoist the trophy and have another championship parade in the city of Anaheim. Here’s something to trend for next year: #WinItForTrout, but for now, it’s #GetAHigherPick #MLBDraft.

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