Angels Management Asking For Better Police Support Around Stadium

Updated: March 10, 2017

According to the Orange County Register, they have reported several incidents inside Angel Stadium that have caused a concern for the Halo management.

“An apparent uptick in vandalism and trespassing near Angel Stadium has prompted team officials to ask for a stronger law enforcement presence in the area and led to increased police patrols ahead of the Angels’ baseball home opener next month.”

Some of the incidents reported include the following: A man stole a nearby bulldozer for a 40-minute joyride around the parking lot, and another person tried to hot-wire the electrical system for the 230-foot-tall “Big A” sign, possibly in an effort to charge a cell phone.

Because of these reports, the Angels are asking the city of Anaheim to rally behind them to make the stadium safe with the start of baseball around the corner.

Police spokesman Sgt. Daron Wyatt said that the department in response has increased operations around the stadium of its community-policing and homeless-outreach teams, which will arrest homeless people who commit crimes and refer others to nonprofits groups and public services that can aid them.

Orange County Register

Angels officials also say they’re worried about the open fires homeless people often start in close proximity to propane tanks stored on stadium property.

The river bed’s homeless population has experienced a turbulent month after county workers displaced a large encampment on the river’s east bank, forcing people to relocate their tents and makeshift shelters so that OC Public Works could stockpile boulders and sand for flood control purposes.

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