Angels need a clubhouse leader

Updated: December 10, 2016

What separates a team from a group? There is the dictionary version in which a team is a group with a common goal, and a group is just a gathering of people. However, is it really a team if players are just showing up to do what they need to and then go home? That is what is happening with the Angels this season, the lack of chemistry in any team can be catastrophic.

So what is the answer to a lack of chemistry? The answer is a leader, not someone who puts it all out of the field either. The leader needs to be someone that can bring a team together. During the world series the Chicago Cubs had two of these leaders, one being David Ross, and the other was Jason Heyward. For those of you that do not know, or do not remember, let me remind you.

Game 7, Cleveland, Ohio. Bottom of the eight the Indians tie the ballgame, then onto the ninth where both sides failed to put up any runs on the board. On to the tenth, oh wait a minute, rain delay. As it turns out this rain delay ended up being a Godsend for the Chicago Cubs.

The reason was, all the players gathered in the locker room, feeling defeated because the momentum was no longer on their side. Or so they thought. Jason Heyward, gathered the players and reminded them of who they were, what they have accomplished, and the common goal.

End. The. Drought.

After Heyward’s speech, the Cubs ended up scoring 2 runs and you know the rest.

So what does this have to do with the Angels?

Currently, the Angels do not have a clubhouse leader, it is one of the most overlooked needs in any sport. What people do not realize is, no chemistry, no championships. Baseball is a team sport, even though we have arguably the best player in baseball, that is not enough to get us to the post season.

There has to be someone that can pull the team together in tough situations. Obviously Mike Scioscia won’t do it, not to mention messages like that need to come from fellow team mates to remind people that they are on the same level.

Stats are not enough when there is bad chemistry, Chris Sale on the White Sox and Bryce Harper are both examples of that.

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