Angels News: Jered Weaver will not retire after 2016 season

Updated: October 1, 2016

With the Angels season coming to an end in the next couple of days, questions of whether or not Jered Weaver will be returning to baseball arose. He indeed will be coming back.

Halo HQ recently wrote an article on “Could Sunday’s game be the last time Weaver wears a Halo uniform,” Those chances may have decrease as Weaver may want to stay with the Angels.

Weaver also told the media today that, his season is over. “It hurts me to say I will not be able to start tomorrow,” he said. He has been dealing with back problems for the past weeks.

Weaver is currently sitting on a career-high 5.06 ERA over his 178 frames in 2016. That follows a rough 2015 season and ongoing questions about his velocity and back health. Before that, of course, Weaver was one of the league’s more reliable, top-of-the-rotation workhorses.

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