Angels offseason wish-list

Updated: August 12, 2015


Three players Angels should pursue in the offseason:
Regardless of how this season finishes for the Halos, short of a world championship banner, there are still a myriad  questions with this roster heading into 2016. While the starting rotation has been good enough to compete, it seems this offense, while at times mirroring the best in the league, can become simply anemic. The first issue that the new Angels GM must solve, is the black hole of offensive production coming from left field. This, along with the troublesome lack of production coming from the hot corner, is the major contributing factor to the teams season batting average of just .247. This puts them in the bottom five of that category, AL only, but unfortunately the Halos also find themselves close to the bottom in nearly all of the important offensive statistical categories. Oh, except for strikeouts, where the Angels rank 6th. Not exactly the category you want to find yourself in the top 6. This is also in stark contrast to their top 5 pitching ERA of 3.66

Luckily for the Angels, there are quite a large number of talented productive outfielders that will hit free agency at the end of the 2015 season. The Angels really took a gamble on Josh Hamilton, and although I’m personally a fan of his, there is no denying that this gamble was almost doomed from the start. However, the right moves were made and Hamilton was shipped back to Texas, which is where I feel he never should’ve left. But, moving on from Hamilton, there is a nice surplus of free agent outfielders, and all of these guys will come with less baggage than the aforementioned Hamilton.


Justin Upton:
The prized acquisition of Padres GM A.J. Prellers. After a whirlwind of moves that, on paper, gave the Padres a huge boost, the team has failed to live up to expectations. This isn’t to say that guys like Upton, Shields, and Kemp aren’t having good seasons, or in some cases All Star seasons, but the team just hasn’t been able to figure it out and put wins on the board. Upton, although stating that he enjoys playing in San Diego, will be without a doubt the most courted free agent of the outfield bunch. Inserting Upton into this lineup could do obvious wonders. His just above average .252 isn’t the greatest looking number but Upton has already reached the 20 HR plateau, whilst also plating 62 RBI. Upton, who was an All-Star this year, will also have no defensive liabilities but will add a power bat to the Trout and Pujols one-two punch.


Gerardo Parra:
The Milwaukee Brewers haven’t exactly had the brightest spots in this 2015 season, however Gerardo Parra was not the issue the Brew crew wasn’t winning. Parra, who would leave Milwaukee for a more coastal setting in Baltimore, was hitting a phenomenal .328 with 9 HR’s and 31 RBI. While I don’t envision Parra stringing together multiple 20 HR seasons, his average could be of great use to the Angels. A guy who can get on the bases is especially valuable on a team, where the power is already defined in Trout and Pujols. Parra would be a good fit for the Halos and will most likely cost a significant amount less than the aforementioned Upton.


Alex Gordon:
For the sake of not writing about Skip Schumaker in this position, and with the likelihood of Cespedes heading back to Detroit, I figured I would throw in someone who would be a perfect fit in the Angels lineup. Gordon is the ultimate team guy, who values defensive prowess just as much as offensive. A three time All-Star, Gordon comes in with a .279 BA with 11 HR’s and 39 RBI. While those aren’t the most gaudy offensive numbers, especially when it comes to Upton or even Parra, Gordon would find himself a solid home at the Big A should Kansas City opt to part ways with their All-Star.

Of course, I think before any of this happens, the Angels need to make sure they have their front office in order. With news of Dave Dombrowski’s departure from Detroit, it may seem that the biggest free agent the Angels covet, isn’t even a player.

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