Angels A Possible Fit for Matt Wieters?

Updated: January 31, 2017

The Los Angeles Angels have been linked to free agent catcher Matt Wieters throughout the off-season. Right now Wieters is arguably the best free agent hitter left on the market. Do the Angels have a legitimate shot at signing Wieters?

In 2016 Wieters hit .243/.302/.409 with 17 home runs and 66 RBI in 124 games with the Baltimore Orioles. Wieters was an All-Star for the fourth time in 2016. Wieters also has two Gold Gloves to go along with his four All-Star appearances.

The 30-year-old catcher would be a huge signing for the Angels. Wieters is a former 1st round pick of the Orioles from the 2007 amateur draft. 2017 is the first season that Wieters has appeared on the free agent market.

The Angels acquired catcher Martin Maldonado earlier in the off-season, but Wieters would be a huge upgrade over Maldonado. Wieters is a switch hitting premiere bat in the Major Leagues and could be an impact bat in the Angels lineup.

A lineup that features Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Wieters is a lineup that could do some serious damage in 2017. Injuries have sidelined Wieters the last few years, but he was healthy in 2016. Playing 124 games which is more than the two previous seasons.

The Angels have some money available and Wieters would be an ideal fit. A powerful bat that the Angels could plug in at catcher for the next few seasons. Wieters has 117 career home runs over the course of eight Major League seasons.

No deal have been reported as of yet, but Wieters is an option for the Angels to consider going forward. The money is going to be the deciding factor, but this could be a beautiful relationship for 2017 and beyond.

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