Angels prospect Alex Meyer Struggling in Spring Training

Updated: March 7, 2017

Alex Meyer has unlimited potential; with his huge frame and huge fastball, he has the makings of an ace-caliber starter. Yet, he hasn’t even come close to reaching those lofty heights. Despite some flashes here and there, Meyer has been mostly ineffective in his short career as well as struggling with injuries, a double whammy that caused the team that drafted him, the Minnesota Twins, to effectively give up on him.

The Angels did the right thing to buy low on Meyer, as there’s a reason he was a top 100 prospect for years, but Meyer has shown almost no indication he’s capable of being an impactful big league starter.

This season is huge for Meyer, as it represents his best chance of breaking through. The Halos are starved for impact starters, and have so many question marks in their rotation that a strong Spring showing from Meyer might be enough to force his way into the top five.

Meyer has not answered the call so far this Spring, as he was roughed up in his second outing and currently sports a 10.13 ERA. Small sample size, I know, but Meyer couldn’t pitch a full inning, walking four and giving up three runs with no strikeouts in a game manager Mike Scioscia was hoping he could go three innings.

It’s only two appearances, and Meyer will have more chances to prove he’s ready to produce quality innings at the big league level, but time is running out and Meyer can’t waste the opportunities he’ll have.

He’s already facing an uphill battle as it is to squeeze into the top five, and at this point he may be playing to prove he belongs in a rotation at all. There’s a reason many scouts and analysts believe Meyer will ultimately end up in the bullpen, and he hasn’t done enough at this point to dissuade that opinion. If Meyer does end up in the bullpen, where his lack of plus secondary stuff can be hidden and his huge fastball could become even bigger, he could be a truly effective weapon.

For now, it seems highly unlikely Meyer will make the major league roster, and at this point in his career that has to be considered a major disappointment for a player that should have cemented his spot as top starter by now.

The Angels shouldn’t give up on him, yet, of course, but at some point you have to try something new, and the Angels may be there sooner rather than later. If Meyer continues to struggle this year and is forced to start in the minors yet again, you have to think the Angels will consider a switch to the bullpen, especially if some of the other pitching prospects like Nate Smith and Vicente Campos outperform him.

That’s not the best-case scenario the Angels were hoping for when they nabbed him in last year’s trade, but that’s quickly becoming the reality of the situation for Meyer and the Halos.

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