Angels Push All the Right Buttons for Offensive Breakout.

Updated: April 19, 2017

It’s early in the season, and the sample size is still small enough that the panic button can be left alone, for now. Going twenty innings without scoring a run, though, is not a good thing. If the drought had carried on any longer, then maybe it might be time to worry. It was at least enough for the Angels to switch things up a bit in an attempt to squeeze some offense out of a struggling lineup. With a dearth of extra-base hits, runs, and wins, the Angels decided to try something different. After last night’s 5-2 win, you could say maybe it worked, at least for one day.

The Halos opted to forego batting practice, instead deciding to have a team meeting and take a break from the grind. You could say that none one was panicking and that the Angels had all the confidence in the world in their lineup, but the Angels obviously felt a need to change things up. So Scioscia made the call to ‘break the routine a little bit.’ The Angels seemed to respond, with two impressive home runs from Andrelton Simmons and Albert Pujols staking to the Angels to their win over division rival Houston Astros. The Angels also received another quality start, so if this is the beginning of the Halos putting a solid, all-around team game together, they could really get something going.

It’s too early to overreact to anything, but the Halos need to get things going early to give this group some confidence after years of early holes and late-season failures. The offense was supposed to be a bright spot, with the pitching the only question mark. Now, the offense is struggling while the pitching is stellar. The Angels can build off a game like last night’s, and it’s obvious that a hot start is important to the Angels. They’re already looking to mix things up to build some positive momentum in the early going. The odds are stacked against the Halos, but they can get things going to continue this positive momentum.

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