Does Archie Bradley Provide the Blueprint for the Angels & Alex Meyer?

Updated: May 3, 2017

When the Angels traded for Alex Meyer, the hope was that they could finally tap into the limitless potential Meyer was never able to fulfill with the Minnesota Twins. Instead, he’s continued to struggle to establish himself and is still struggling even in Triple-A. Meanwhile, the Arizona Diamondbacks are getting lights-out pitching from their own top prospect who experienced struggles of his own. Instead of in the rotation, though, Archie Bradley has established himself as a multi-inning weapon from the bullpen. Can the Angels follow suit to extract value from Meyer using the same blueprint?

Bradley struggled through twenty-six starts with a 5.02 ERA last year on a not very good Arizona team. The Diamondbacks had injuries in their rotation, so Bradley was more or less going to get those opportunities, and he didn’t show very well. Heading into Spring Training, he failed to earn a spot in the rotation, instead slotting into the bullpen. He’s shined there so far this year, posting a 1.13 ERA in sixteen innings with nineteen strikeouts. Bradley has been versatile, entering anywhere from the fourth to the eight inning and pitching multiple innings. The Diamondbacks have been good so far this season, and Bradley has played an important role.

It’s telling that Meyer has struggled to crack a rotation that’s even worse than what the Diamondbacks put out there, considering their own injuries, so maybe Meyer just isn’t and never was as good as Bradley. Given their similar stuff, stock, and roads taken to this point, you have to wonder if the time to move Meyer to the bullpen is nigh. You can see the potential for it to play out as well as it has for the Diamondbacks given all the similarities, and it’s obvious at this point that Meyer just does not have what it takes to be a successful starter in this league. Following the Archie Bradley Blueprint could be just what the Angels need to finally tap into Meyer’s potential.

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