Are you an Emotional Fan?

Updated: February 20, 2017

Although Spring Training is just beginning and baseball is in the air, we’re going to take a break from baseball news and predictions to ask you guys a question; are you an emotional fan? There are lots of different types of fans; casual, die-hard, business, cold, but it can all be boiled down into two basic categories:

Emotional and unemotional. There’s a big difference in all of these fans, and the departure of fan favorite Jered Weaver from the Angels brings this discussion to the forefront, again. Never is the difference between the two types of fans more prevalent than when a fan favorite leaves, whether by trade or in free agency.

The emotional side only sees the good in the player, the unemotional sees how it works for the team. The emotional fan gets upset when they lose, feels pure joy when they win, and everything else in between. The unemotional fan sees the big picture for the team and what each win and loss might mean for the future.

The emotional fan only wants his team to do well, the unemotional fan is realistic, and does not want his team to be stuck in the mediocre middle. The emotional fan would never dream of trading a player like Kole Calhoun because of how much they like him, the unemotional fan can see how that might benefit the team and help make them more competitive down the line.

For me, personally, I’m an emotional fan when it comes to wins and losses; I desperately want my team to win, and I get upset when they aren’t doing well. I want everything they do to improve the team and make them better, which makes me unemotional when it comes to the players; it was time for Weaver to go, regardless of how important he’s been to the team in his career. If the Angels found a trade that truly made them better for Calhoun, I would be for it, regardless of how much I like Kole.

I know that there is no trade that exists for Mike Trout that would make the Angels better, but if they somehow found one, I would go for it. I’m unemotional towards players, but only because I’m so emotional about wanting my team to win. Now I’m interested to know; how many of you Halo fans are emotional and how many of you are unemotional?

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