Astros Are Here To Stay

Updated: July 29, 2015

With tonights win, the Astros have proved to the Angels that they certainly aren’t going anywhere. In what has been somewhat of a disappointment for the Halos, its still something to be taken with a grain of salt. For starters, the next time these two teams play, the best player in the universe will be playing. Im, of course, referring to one Matt Joyce. No, I’m just kidding its obviously Mike Trout. I don’t think it’s hard to tell how different of a team this Angels one is without Trout. He’s our Michael Jordan, our Wayne Gretzky, dare I say, He’s our Mike Trout! But horrible cross-athletic references aside, this team takes on a totally different shape without their leader.


Game Review: #100 Angels (55-45)  vs. Astros (57-45)


As I stated before, I mean this team just really couldn’t muster much offensively. Other than an Aybar double and Gillespie triple in the 2nd, the Angels just seem unable to even buy much of anything else. The newest additions, DeJesus and Murphy went a combined 1-8. But, thats to be expected, new guys on a new team, and to be honest, I really believe the Astros needed this series more than the Halos. The Angels have been in this predicament before, they have experience, it’s the Astros who everyone should have questions about. Now, there’s no doubt in my mind that they answering those questions, though. Altuve is having a fantastic series and showing why he’s the leader of that team. Making this more impressive for the Astros, is that they are doing this without their All-Star caliber OF George Springer.

In terms of Garrett Richards, I thought he pitched fairly well. Sure, he didn’t have his best stuff, but he was able to pitch 4 nearly perfect innings before it all fell apart for him. Right in the bottom of that 5th inning, beginning with the Valbuena double really started to turn things sour for him. He ended up giving up 2 bombs and only last 6 and 1/3. Still, after all of that, I still think he put in a pretty solid effort, all things considered.

The worst part about all of this is that now the Angels are looking up to someone in the AL West. Sure, its a slim lead, and the Angels have been on an absolute tear this month, but these two teams are the contenders for the AL West title, there’s no doubt in my mind. Both have great pitching staffs, and some great young stars that are really blossoming, well okay Mike Trout has been the best in the game pretty much since he picked up a bat, but thats neither here nor there, since he wasn’t even in Houston anyway.

Finally, there were reports released earlier that the Angels were still in the market for some help in the bullpen. The Halos did just recently sign free agent Wesley Wright to minor league deal, so perhaps he may play a role once the leaves change and all of that cheesy nonsense happens.

But hey at least we got another Albert Pujols big fly! That’s number 550 now, I believe. The Halos did I’ve the Astros a scare in the bottom of the ninth but eventually, it was too little, too late.



Until next time, @wtjefff

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