Ben Revere Okay With Role Off The Angels’ Bench

Updated: April 5, 2017

Angels’ outfielder Ben Revere is in a different predicament than he is used to. On a lot of ball clubs he would be worthy of being a starter. There is no denying that claim. However, he has taken on a new role with his new team for the time being.

In the eyes of some, it may seem illogical given how well Revere performed in spring. He was off the charts. He hit a staggering .411 through the accumulation of 23 hits. His spring also consisted of him getting 10 RBIs, 8 walks, and a handful of stolen bases. In spite of those excellent numbers, Revere discerns that what happens in the preseason is not as important as what occurs in the present. A recent article by Jeff Fletcher of The Orange County Register discloses the 28-year-old’s thoughts on the whole spiel.

“‘Spring training doesn’t mean a damn thing,’ Revere said Tuesday. ‘It’s all about performing when it counts. It starts now. … When the lights come on and the pitchers turn up their game, then it’s time to see if I can get back to the .300 average I’m used to.’”

Such an approach is vital because certain players are not always as patient with regard to the attainment of playing time. Some would perhaps think they are practically entitled to a starting role as well after having been in the league for multiple seasons. Revere’s current mindset, though, is one indicative of a team-first attitude. He is not focused on himself individually.

In fact, when asked about fellow teammate Cameron Maybin, he said he wants to see Maybin reach new heights in 2017 after the former Detroit Tiger already did so in 2016 in somewhat limited playing time. He recognizes the value Cameron brings to the team despite the obvious disparities between the pair’s performances in Spring Training.

“‘We’re all a family, no matter what happens,’ Revere said before Tuesday’s game, which he again started on the bench. ‘No matter what happens, if I go the whole year being a backup, I’m going to try to get No. 9 (Maybin) to have the best year of his career. He could help us win a championship.’”

The notion of family is all too essential in a sport along these lines. Playing as one (which sometimes means that sacrifice is inevitable) is a much-needed ingredient when it comes to pushing toward a world championship. Anything outside of that realm often leads to a team crumbling. Revere’s understanding of the intangibles of the game will hopefully translate in the clubhouse to as much success as possible for the Halos.

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