The Best Handlers of the Hot Corner in Halo History

Updated: June 5, 2016

The Halos have had an impressive array of third baseman ranging from Doug DeCinces to the 2002 World Series MVP Troy Glaus. Although there are many solid candidates for the best handler of the hot corner in Halo history, I have compiled a list of three very compelling candidates all with their own strengths and weaknesses. This list has borderline Hall of Fame players on it as well as multiple time all-stars that were on playoff teams.

Candidate #1. Doug DeCinces #11

decinces-121128-940-8colAlex Alarcon | Halo Headquarters

Played for California Angels (1982-1987) 1983 All Star .265 Batting Average 130 Home Runs 482 Runs Batted In

Doug DeCinces was a cornerstone of the 1980’s California Angels playing from 1982-1987 during his seventeen year career. DeCinces made his only All Star Game in 1983 in a year where he batted .281 with eighteen home runs and sixty-five RBIs. DeCinces also won the 1982 Silver Slugger for the American League with his no doubt best season at the plate hitting .301 with thirty home runs and ninety-seven RBIs. His 1982 season also earned him a third place finish in the American League MVP award behind Hall of Fame players Robin Yount and Eddie Murray. The Angels acquired DeCinces from the Orioles along with Jeff Schneider for Dan Ford.

Candidate #2 Troy Glaus #25

314F09092Alex Alarcon | Halo Headquarters

Played for Anaheim Angels (1998-2004,) 3 Time All Star 2000, 2001, 2003. .253 Batting Average, 182 Home Runs, Avg. of 30 Home Runs per year, 515 RBIs. 2002 WS MVP, 2002 World Series Champion

The man of Troy is one of the greatest home run hitters in Halo history along with the likes of Vladimir Guerrero and Reggie Jackson. The UCLA super star shortstop turned 3rd Baseman once he got to the Angels. Glaus is the definition of a classic stereotypical American League slugger. Glaus struggled with many injuries with the Angels and that trend carried on throughout the rest of career eventually forcing him to 1st base with the Cardinals and Braves. He topped forty home runs twice in his career topping out at forty-seven in 2000.

Candidate #3 Chone Figgins #9

usa-today-3836558.0Alex Alarcon | Halo Headquarters

Played for Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2002-2009). .291 Batting Average, 280 Stolen Bases, 2009 All Star, Division Championships-2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009. 2002 World Series champion,

Arguable the greatest base thief in the history of the Angels but that’s an article for a different time. While Figgins spent time all over the diamond for the Halos, Figgins was primarily the third baseman. Figgins is without a doubt one of the top three lead off hitters in Angels history. His uncanny ability to get on base and steal bases was not close to being matched by anyone else in the American League. The speedsters’ style of National League play was a perfect for Mike Scioscias‘ style of coaching. Hit and runs, stolen bases, high batting average. Figgins had it all.

In my opinion, Chone Figgins is the best handler of the hot corner in Halo History due to his incredible display as a lead off hitter and ability to steal bases unrivaled by any other in Angels history. Number nine was an unorthodox third baseman from an offensive standard. Unlike Alex Rodriguez and Kevin Youkilis, he did not hit for much power but he made up for the lack of power when he was sitting on first base and every pitcher knew he could just take second base like candy out of a baby’s hand if he so pleased.

When I first started writing this article I thought I would no doubt choose Troy Glaus as the best, but after doing some research I had a change of heart. Figgin’s health was another key factor for him edging Glaus, especially with Glaus missing more than seventy games multiple times. If Troy would have stayed healthy this may have been a different story.

*Honorable mentions: David Freese, Gary Gaetti, Dave Chalk.

Next up will be the greatest closer in Angels history, Stay tuned!

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