Breaking News: Angels Still Very Interested In Reds Outfielder Jay Bruce

Updated: July 17, 2015

Breaking News: July 21st

Marcell Barret recently wrote an article on how Jay Bruce could be a good addition for the Angels on Thursday, and now the Angels are making moves.

Today, Jon Morosi via Twitter Tweeted “#Angels interested in Jay Bruce. They have a scout watching the #Reds today too. @FOXSports


It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim weakness has been the dreaded scene of left field all season long. As the trade deadline approaches one could only image the Angels pursing left handed hitter Jay Bruce from the Cincinnati Reds is a good idea. When a batter who holds an OBP of  .341, and a slugging percentage of .465, The Angels need to be interested in Bruce and make a move. It was reported a few days ago that the Cincinnati Reds were looking to put Jay Bruce on the trade market, and if the Angels make a move, they could be making  a call to the Reds. Bruce could fit nicely in the Angels offense and make the opposing pitchers fear even more of the dangerous Angels lineup.

Not only does Bruce bring more of a grater presence to an already glorious lineup with Mike Trout and Albert Pujols,  he brings a fear to the opposing pitcher. That fear he brings is from his sure and confident batting style that whatever pitch they decide to throw, means nothing to the the outfielder Bruce. Bruce see’s and hit’s the ball. The Angels power numbers aren’t anywhere near great as considering as they only come from two people: Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. But with the addition of Bruce, they would have three legitimate batting threats throughout their dangerous lineup. Bruce could potentially help the Angels stay in first place in the AL West and finally put together the missing piece to the dangerous offensive lineup. The Angels were reported they are searching for a new left handed hitter, and it could be Jay Bruce. More Information to come.


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