C.J. Cron Appears Headed for Another Disappointing Season.

Updated: April 29, 2017

Maybe it was just wishful thinking. In retrospect, it seems silly to think that C.J. Cron was going to have a breakout season for the Angels. Up to this point, he has never been able to put it all together consistently. Either struggles, injury, inconsistency, or all three has kept Cron from ever justifying his first-round draft status. Cron just hasn’t been able to establish himself as a middle-of-the-order bat, and this season seems like more of the same. After fouling a ball of his foot in last night’s win, Cron is on the DL. That’s bad news, considering Luis Valbuena may be activated as soon as Monday.

Valbuena was signed in the offseason to be the starting first baseman. Even though Cron had a scintillating Spring and Valbuena was mostly hurt, it was obvious the coaching staff still considered Valbuena their starter. When he started the season on the DL, it was Cron’s chance to prove his Spring was no fluke. Many people thought he’d seize the opportunity, myself included, and instead Cron struggled mightily out of the gate. He began losing at-bats to Jefry Marte, especially against lefties. That’s not a great place to be for a right-handed batter, especially considering Valbuena is a lefty bat with a strong platoon splits against righties. That seemed to indicate that there was just no place for Cron when Valbuena returned.

Still, Cron worked on his swing and appeared to make some positive strides, up until his injury. With Valbuena progressing nicely through his rehab assignment, the timing couldn’t be worse for Cron. The odds were already against him given his struggles, but now it’s all but a certainty that Cron will remain in the minors when healthy and the Angels will roll with Valbuena at first with Marte backing him up and playing against lefties. Scioscia and the Angels never seemed sold on C.J., even when he was producing, and were always looking for options to take his place. After another inconsistent start and an injury, it appears Cron’s headed for another disappointing season.

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