C.J. Wilson the Ace that Never was

Updated: February 9, 2017

When the Angels signed Albert Pujols, the signing of C.J. Wilson was not overshadowed by the slugger, after as stellar turn around from the bullpen to the starting rotation, Wilson turned into an all-star.

With his first year wearing the halo on his head, Wilson represented the Angels in the all-star game. His first year and second year was his most productive. He produced an ERA under 3.40 in both years. In 2012 he had reached a career high of 34 starts. Proving to be the a great deal for the Angels in the first two years of his contract. Something long missing from the Angels pen was an ace. Weaver was slowly losing his magic, Richards was on the rise, the Angels needed a man to seal the Ace spot down. Something long missing from the Angels for a while.

During the 2014-2015, was a rough year to watch. Fans saw a guy who could’ve broken the threshold that he was so close to breaking. He did not make it. For the fourth time in his career Wilson had an ERA over 4.00. Although he did have a winning record going 13-10 was nothing to shout about. The Angels were on a playoff run. Wilson was being bailed out by good play.

Finally getting a chance at redemption in the postseason, Wilson looked ready for battle. Sunday in Kansas, Wilson could not get 3 outs in the first. One of the most tragic losses in the history of the franchise. The following year did not go well. He suffered an injury late in the season. Going 8-8 with a 3.89 era Wilson maybe realizing it was near the end.

C.J. Wilson did not throw another pitch in 2016.

One of the sadder stories in baseball. Wilson was a great athlete and could have been one of the most dominate pitchers in the league, but if it didn’t work out.

We say it with a heavy heart here at HaloHQ but goodbye C.J. and thank you for playing the game with everything you had.

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