Cameron Maybin Could Be Sparkplug The Halos Need

Updated: February 23, 2017

2017 will present somewhat of a difference for Cameron Maybin. In lieu of being the center fielder for the Halos, he will up being the primary left fielder. There is no need to explain why he will not be manning center as he generally has throughout his major league journey. In spite of the transition, there should be no signs of there being a change when it comes to his playing style.

Mike Tulumello explains this in more detail in his piece entitled “Additions of Cameron Maybin, Ben Revere give Angels speed, defense” through the words of Mike Scioscia.

“‘Cam is a guy who brings a lot,’ Scioscia said. ‘He’s well-rounded. He’s going to bring a great defensive presence to our team. He’s going to be good in the batter’s box, and he’s going to be really good on the bases.’”

The latter component will be particularly critical since the Angels only had a pair that achieved double-digits in that realm last year. Mike Trout did his thing by swiping 30 in total, whilst Andrelton Simmons stole 10 bags. The addition of Cameron provides yet another option that will cause opposing pitchers to think a little harder.

Teammate Ben Revere would plausibly concur with that assessment given the high opinion he already seems to have about the former Detroit Tiger. Tulumello’s article describes Revere’s line of thought with respect to this notion.

“‘He’s a really good player. He’s got great power, great speed. He can throw the ball. He’s got the tools to do anything,’” he said.

What is interesting to note about Revere’s analysis is how closely it reflects Scioscia’s. It likely means that they are not the only two on board with the Maybin acquisition. What is every bit as crucial to realize about their assertions, too, is that they hint at a lot of intangibles Maybin brings to the table. Pedro Moura of The Los Angeles Times touches on this in a recently published article called “Cameron Maybin vows to bring passion, energy to Angels’ clubhouse.”

“‘Passion and energy and the love I truly have for the game is what I bring,’ [Maybin] said. “I think I’ve always been able to affect a clubhouse in a positive manner. I think it’ll carry over.’”

The “carry over” segment is especially noteworthy on account of the fact that that energy typically has a knack for being contagious. If Cameron is able to fire up the rest of his team prior to games, let’s say, that is a huge element for the Halos. It is not necessarily the kind of thing that will be flamboyantly displayed in a box score at the end of the day. At any rate, it can still perhaps have an effect on the overall outcome of a contest.

While one cannot wholeheartedly prophesy how Maybin will perform in 2017, the numbers he put up last year in relatively little action are impressive. He batted .315, stole 15 bases, scored 65 runs, and, on top of that, managed to string together a .383 OBP. Thus, as long as health is not a concern, a guy like Maybin could very well be just what the doctor ordered as the saying is formulated from an on-paper perspective.

Nevertheless, the one unquestionable component pertaining to the team’s new left fielder is that he will exhibit vivacity nonstop. Let’s hope the Halos can feed off of it.

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