Can Huston Street Be His Old Self In 2017?

Updated: February 14, 2017

Last year was not too jolly for Huston Street. Earlier in the year he skirmished his way through an oblique injury, and, let alone that injury, the longtime closer had season-ending surgery on his right knee. Not too pretty of a picture to impart the least. Not too pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

With that being said, it is feasible to wonder whether the waves will simmer down in 2017 for Street. Only time will have a way of telling the story, but by virtue of the individual being a seasoned veteran, Street will surely give it everything he has in the tank. There is no denying that claim.

2017 seems to have more or less been a deviation from the norm for the two-time All-Star in lieu of it being connected with a flat out regression to his overall game. While 9 saves is not the sexiest total for someone whose career average far exceeds that, it is fair to presume that the tally will increase in 2017. One erratic, unfortunate campaign should not necessarily give rise to pessimism galore when it comes to his future with the team.

His track record indicates that fans should still have faith in him. Prior to this past year, his ERA never exceeded 4.00. Accompanying this, he managed to consistently play in far more games each and every season ever since his career kicked off in 2005. Signs akin to this are critical to take into account and exemplify a key word as old-fashioned as it is to utilize: reliability.

When it comes to reliability, Street has shown this time and time again when the statistics are mulled over in further depth. For instance, based on ESPN’s annual closer reports, his save percentage was nearly 89% in 2015. The year prior, the aforesaid plateau was slightly higher at 89.5% after having been acquired from the San Diego Padres. This once again unveils his dependability over time.

Yes, his velocity is perhaps not as top notch as it once was. However, Street has never necessarily relied on it throughout his career to accrue success. For the lack of a better word, he has always been more of a finesse type pitcher. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a style along those lines. He does not have to magically throw 100 MPH in order to thus be coined as relevant.

Be that all as it may, Street will not simply be gifted with the role even though he is going to receive $9 million this year salary wise. He will have to earn that spot on the grounds that he there will be a steady diet of competition for the title. Suffice to say, nothing is ever a given in professional sports (or really any level of sports for that matter).

No matter what side of the coin is perused, Street should, in all likelihood, be serviceable in 2017. Certainly, though, it will be important be watchful of him in an effort to determine his future with the organization.

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