Can The Angels Be In The National Conversation In 2017?

Updated: March 9, 2017

I was recently interviewed by Daniel Shoptaw from Cards Conclave, about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim upcoming season. If you want to view the whole interview click HERE. However the next couple of articles will discuss my answers.

Even with the best player in the game, at times this team feels like an afterthought. Can this team be in the national conversation in 2017 and, if not, when can they be?

Mike Trout is the greatest player in baseball right now, and needs to become a thought in the playoffs. The only way the Angels can become in the national conversation in 2017 is if the pitching stays healthy.

Last season it was a disaster, as the Angels fell apart early and never looked back. If Richards, Shoemaker can continue to lead that is great, however the pressure falls on the rest of the rotation. Which includes Ricky Nolasco, Jesse Chavez, and Tyler Skaggs. Skaggs is coming back from Tommy John which is always skeptical and Nolasco and Chavez have shown spurts of good traits.

If The Angels can have a better than average performance from their starting five, the Angels offense can finish off the deal.

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