Did The Angels make the necessary moves to improve this season?

Updated: March 8, 2017

I was recently interviewed by Daniel Shoptaw from Cards Conclave, about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim upcoming season. If you want to view the whole interview click HERE. However the next couple of articles will discuss my answers.

Was it a good offseason for the team? Did they do what they needed to do? Is there any move you wished they had made that they didn’t?

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim did a lot this offseason, but they did not do anything too special. First, let’s start with the improvement of the pitching staff. The Angels re-signed Andrew Bailey to a one year deal worth $1m. Last season he pitched in twelve games with an overall 2.38 ERA. A great signing indeed.

The Halo’s also signed RHP Jesse Chavez to a one year deal worth $4.75m. Chavez won’t blow away the Angels, but they got him for a steal. However the big “news” came with the signing of Ben Revere and the trade for OF Cameron Maybin.

The Angels needed a Left Fielder, and got two average ones. Once again nothing special. What I really like about Maybin and Revere is they can be a duo the Angels need in LF. Together they could form one of the strongest platoons in baseball.

It’s hard to see either guy as a solid option for 162 games. However if the Angels can flip-flop between games with them, they may succeed with the added rest. The Angels did what they needed to do, but it was nothing fancy. I wish the Angels could have made a bigger move once again for the LF issue, but maybe Eppler is saving for next years free agency….

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