Do The Angels Care About The National Anthem?

Updated: April 16, 2015

Angel Stadium Employees Told To Work During National Anthem

April 16th 2015


ANAHEIM – Ballparks across the nation have a tradition that will never change. Moments before the first pitch, fans, players and employees take their hats off and salute the flag during the national anthem.

It’s always been a tradition at Angel Stadium that during the national anthem, every ticket taker must stop and respect the anthem. However now ticket takers have been told to continue working through the anthem for the first time.

ABC7 interviewed Huntington Beach resident Chris Dunckel and he had his thoughts on the new story in Anaheim “When they play that national anthem, it’s kind of a part of you being a citizen of the United States to stop, pull your hat off and sing the song,”

Workers at Angel Stadium are all in the same position as they must continue to work. Other workers at different stadiums have always stopped working, and stadiums have commented saying this rule will never be changed.

Once the story reached outside of the stadium, fans and other workers were upset at the Angels. The Angels have agreed to a temporary compromise, allowing ticket takers to stop during the anthem while the team explores other options. But are there other options that can replace working while the anthem is on? The anthem is an American classic before any sport event. Have the Angels dug themselves in a hole?

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