Eckstein the Latest to Come to Camp

Updated: March 15, 2017

Wally Joyner is one of the more recent former Angels’ players to stop by spring training camp. Joyner’s primary mission was to assist some of the struggling hitters regain their stroke. However, Wally is not the only former Halo that has made an appearance so it seems.

On this very morning, another presence indeed stepped in. Physique wise, he does not necessarily intimidate but he has a mental fortitude that overshadows his size: David Eckstein. staff writer John Schlegel originally discovered the scoop relative to Eckstein and noted that the 2-time World Series champion served as a guest instructor for the day. Eckstein imparted that he was especially pumped up to meet some of the ball club’s younger assets. For the last few years, the former shortstop has coached the Team USA under-18 squad. He has therefore made it a priority to help younger souls as much as possible now that he is no longer on the diamond.

“‘The biggest thing I talk about is basically the mentality,’ Eckstein said. ‘I just want to talk to guys, especially the young guys, and see where their head’s at and hopefully give them a tidbit or two that will help them be a little more successful in their own game.’”

This is encouraging news to hear because a younger individual’s mind is bound to have some bugs clogged within it. Taking that into account, hearing trinkets of wisdom from an Angels’ great is invaluable. Eckstein was never necessarily a super star athlete, yet was a player whose heart and effort was never in doubt. Certainly, such attributes link to that aforesaid mentality component.

Even if he is only in town temporarily, it is rather awesome to know that David is around to offer advice to the less experienced ball players. And, who knows? Perhaps some of said advice will ultimately rub off on them.

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