Halo Headquarters Interviews The Famous TroutNet Crew

Updated: July 28, 2015


Halo Headquarters had the opportunity to interview the famous and caring TroutNet Crew. What exactly is a “TroutNet” you ask? Well let me explain. Jonathan Plaza and his son Alexander “AJ” have one of the greatest father son bonds in the world. They have recently created a “TroutNet” which is a sign with a net, to catch hopeful baseballs from Mike Trout. For example, watch Mike Trout hit a Grand-Slam right into the TroutNet.



As you can see, this was a great creation from the father and son duo. Alex, the Founder of Halo HQ, interviewed Jonathan Plaza, the creator of the TroutNet last night.

Alex’s questions are in Bold, and Jonathan’s Answers are in Bold with Italicize


What was the Inspiration for the TroutNet? 

The Inspiration came from last years disappointing post season. This year my son could understand baseball a little better and I wanted to make something for him. Something that nobody has ever made, and it just came to me. Trout’s name came to me first, and why not make a TroutNet. The first TroutNet I made was just a poster, because I did not know if I could get by security with the materials I have now. And that’s where it all began. 


Explain the process of creating the TroutNet

It’s actually a long process. It takes me about three hours for me to create a TroutNet. I basically need a bunch of house hold materials to create the TroutNet. Also, I need to Print Photos, Glue them on, and of course burning myself.


When you did create your TroutNet, how did your first TroutNet Catch Go?

It was on opening day, and my son held the sign and scored a Trout ball on that day. And on this day, the Angels had a Happy Halo Contest On Instagram and my son happened to win that contest. A couple days later, Mike Trout would post a photo of my son with the TroutNet in Centerfield that said ” I see you out there bud” That was the first TroutNet Catch experience. 


How often do you attend games?

I try to attend every game I can, It just depends on Ticket Pricing, If I could get a good deal around those seats, then I’ll go. Also the season ticket holders out there are pretty awesome with me and my son as they help us try to get some cheaper tickets. 


Everybody has been talking about your catch which was Mike Trouts Grand-Slam, Walk me through what was going on once Trout stepped in the batters box. 

It’s funny because I didn’t know it was a grand-slam until afterwards. And just watching Trout go up, I told the boys in front of me who had Row A, I asked them if I could have the row really quick, I just had a hunch about it. And sure enough I held the Net to my left side, and when he hit it, I saw it go up and coming my way, I could feel it in the hit and everybody went wild. I couldn’t believe that it landed in the TroutNet.


Do you think Mike Trout was telling you something or was it pure luck? 

I really don’t know, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I don’t know if Trout goes up there knowing where he wants to hit it out. I know he see’s us because he always throws us balls and so does Calhoun, but I don’t know. I know he usually hits his home-runs to left-center field. His opposite field home-runs are pretty rare. 


I heard you do giveaways, how does that whole process work

Yes, when I’m with my son, he picks the fans, he’s the TroutNet boy “27” And when I go by myself, I let the kids hold/handle the TroutNet, and if they get a ball, I let them keep it. 


Do you have a message for the Angels fans who have supported you on this journey? 

I love them, I love the attention we get, especially for my son. because he is the face of the TroutNet. If we are walking by say hi and don’t be shy. We love taking pictures and don’t be afraid to approach us. We are very friendly, thank you everybody for supporting us. 


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