Halo HQ Staff Season Predictions For The 2017 Angels

Updated: April 2, 2017

We have just introduced the new Halo Headquarters team, as now it’s time for each of them to give their quick insider prediction on how the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will finish this season.

Alex Alarcon: Founder and Senior Writer 

Last season, I made a prediction on your website, that the Angels would go 84 wins and 78 Losses. The Angels finished last season with a 74 and 88 record which makes my prediction from last year look a bit sour. However, times have changed and I’m ready to give it another go. The team will be asking a lot from each player this season, especially the pitching. The defense improved for the Angels, however the hitting (besides Mike Trout) and pitching stayed neutral. The AL west improved a lot this season, and it’s hard to see the Angels making a huge stride from last season. The Angels will finish the 2017 season with 81 wins and 81 losses, good for 4th in the league.

James Francuz: Editor 

General Manager Billy Eppler did just about all he could in the offseason in terms of assembling a competitive ball club. However, the resources were a tad more limited a result of still owing Josh Hamilton a decent wad of cheddar through this season. Thus, the Angels may still be a piece or two short of being legitimate title contenders at the present moment. They are still noticeably improved in comparison to the last year’s group. It seems reasonable to think that they will climb back above .500 and potentially be in the hunt for a wild card spot. A lot does need to go right for them, though, for that to be within the realm of possibility.

Mike Trout is going to do his thing. Enough said regarding the reigning AL MVP. Players like Kole Calhoun and Andrelton Simmons will continue to provide exceptional, Gold Glove caliber defense. Cameron Maybin and Danny Espinosa will fill two positions that have not been too pretty to watch in recent memory. Individuals such as Ben Revere will cause some havoc on the basepaths. But beyond all of this exists a fair increment of question marks. The health and general productivity of their starting rotation will likely make or break their season. All eyes in particular will be on Garrett Richards although the rest will need to step up as well. Cam Bedrosian could end up being the leader in their bullpen, yet his experience as a closer is fairly minimal. Other pressing questions such as whether slugger Albert Pujols can turn back the clock one more time are every bit as crucial to keep in mind.

In the bigger scheme of things, this team holds a good amount of potential. Outside of guys like Trout and Calhoun, though, a lot of the team is legitimately difficult to gauge with pinpoint accuracy. Health and the hope of certain players stringing together breakout type campaigns will largely determine the team’s success or lack thereof. There is ample reason to suggest that things will get better results wise in 2017, yet it is frankly hard to imagine every little thing going perfectly. Prediction: 85-77

Jacob Hunter: Editor 

How will the Angels do this season? They can’t do much worse than last season, right? Well, I guess they can, but they won’t. They’ll actually be in the playoff race all year long. While the Angels may not get as much as they’d like from Garrett Richards and Tyler Skaggs due to pitch limits, Ricky Nolasco consistently puts up better numbers than he gets credit for, and Matt Shoemaker is ready to make the leap. The bullpen looks long and versatile, with pitchers available and capable of pitching multiple innings, and Cam Bedrosian looks like baseball’s next shutdown closer.

A lineup that was respectable last season should improve with the additions of Danny Espinosa, Cameron Maybin, Luis Valbuena, and Ben Revere to fill positions that gave the Halos nothing last year. The Angels defense, which was quietly stellar last season, has a realistic chance to be the best in baseball this season with those same additions. Overall, the Angels did a great job patching holes without giving up any value and maintained salary cap flexibility for the upcoming free agent haul. The Angels will finish 92-70, just outside of one of the Wild Card spots, but they’re a team headed in the right direction, and this season will go a long way towards providing hope for building a great team around Mike Trout.

Jake Wilson: Staff Writer 

Compared to last season, the 2017 Angels look like a much-improved team. The offense should produce more scoring opportunities with the additions of Luis Valbuena and Cameron Maybin to the batting order and a healthier Albert Pujols who will lead the team in home runs. On the defensive side, Martin Maldonado and Danny Espinosa will help the Angels’ pitching staff with their solid defense on the field. Although the lineup should put the Angels in a better spot to contend for the postseason, the pitching situation is a little scary.

Matt Shoemaker and Garrett Richards, the Angels’ aces, are coming back from being injured and nobody knows if they can stay healthy all season long. Behind them, Tyler Skaggs is finding his stuff again after Tommy John surgery in 2014, while Ricky Nolasco and Jesse Chavez are questionable. The bullpen is not a pretty sight either, but hopefully they do well enough to get the starters some wins.

Looking at all of this, three reasons the Angels could succeed are the improved batting order, stronger defense, and Mike Trout’s ability to do almost everything on a baseball field. On the flip side, three reasons the Angels could fail are the health of the starting pitchers, the somewhat weak bullpen, and the toughness of the AL West opponents. Even though the division is hard and there are some question marks, the Angels added crucial pieces and have a team that could surprise the world by securing a Wild Card spot at the end of the season. OVERALL 2017 RECORD: 85-77

Sarah Miles: Staff Writer 

With new players and younger players filling key roles, the Angels look to have a better season than 2016. Management claims they “intend to contend” and it could be possible if everything goes right. However, it could also end up being a routine rebuilding year that falls just shy of .500. I predict the Angels to finish above .500, however, improving from .457 last season. Pitching will be the key for the Angels’ success because slugging can only get a team so far. Last season, the Angels finished in 4th in the AL West with a 74-88 record behind Houston. It seems like moving up could be in the stars for the Angels.

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