Halo HQ Top 10 Prospects: #4 Alex Meyer

Updated: February 11, 2017

At number four on our top prospect countdown is former first round draft pick and former top 100 prospect Alex Meyer.

Alex Meyer

Profile: 6’9”/225 lbs; Born 1/3/1990 (age 27); Greensburg, IN; University of Kentucky; Drafted 2011, 1st round, 23rd pick; SP; Bats Right/Throws Right

Halo HQ 30-80 Scale (Current/Ceiling)

Fastball: 70/70, Slider: 60/65, Changeup: 55/60, Control: 45/50, Overall: 55/60


Meyer has been known for his fastball ever since he entered the minors in 2012. He throws it consistently in the mid- to high-90s and it has some good movement. It’s truly a plus-plus pitch and one of the best in the Halo system. It’s already fully developed, so you won’t see him add or lose velocity any time soon. Meyer’s slider is his strikeout pitch and is a great compliment to his fastball. It has good movement and he gets swings and misses on it. His changeup is good,but could use some improvement. If he turns into his third plus pitch, he could be dangerous to face.


Meyer has good stamina and can go deep into games. Last season, the Angels tried to keep him to throwing less than five innings, but that was only because he was working his way back from injury. He throws a lot of pitches, so he may not throw any complete games, but expect Meyer to make it past the sixth and into the seventh on a regular basis.


The only problem Meyer has is controlling the ball. While he struck out 10.3 batters per nine last season, he had a walk rate of 6.04 in 25.1 major league. If Meyer wants to be an effective starter, he has to figure out how to approach major league hitters. His career walk rate isn’t bad in the minors, as it is hovering around four, but Meyer has been atrocious in the majors. His BB/9 in the majors is 6.43. He’s still figuring out how to face more advanced hitters, so his control should improve as he goes along.


Many argue that Meyer is a better prospect than Nate Smith and this may be true…if Meyer wasn’t already 27. The clock is ticking on Meyer, so he better figure out major league hitters fast. He has all the tools to be a quality #2-3 starter in the majors, but only if he keeps his walk rate down. We saw Meyer almost exclusively in a starting role last season, but as fellow Halo HQ writer Jacob Hunter wrote about, Meyer’s future may be brighter as a reliever. If becoming a starter doesn’t work out, we could see Meyer become an Andrew Miller type of story: failed top prospect starter turned into a stud closer.

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