Halo HQ Top 10 Prospects: #5 Brandon Marsh

Updated: February 9, 2017

Kicking off the second half of our top ten prospect countdown is 2016 draft pick Brandon Marsh.

Brandon Marsh

Profile: 6’2”/190 lbs; Born 12/18/1997 (age 19); Buford, GA; Buford High School; Drafted 2016, 2nd round, 60th pick; OF; Bats Left/Throws Right

Halo HQ 30-80 Scale (Current/Ceiling)

Hitting: 45/65, Power: 45/60, Run: 60/65, Arm: 65/70, Fielding: 60/70, Overall: 55/70


Marsh has been a tough player to grade. After a lengthy signing process, Marsh sat out 2016 with a back issue and has yet to see the field. Much like fellow 2016 draft pick Nonie Williams, Marsh has incredible bat speed and explodes to the ball. He has raw strength that he will tap into once he reaches the high minors. His swing can get a little long at times, so he will have to work on his swing in order to make consistent contact. His swing reminds me a little of Kris Bryant, except Marsh is left handed and doesn’t have as long of a backswing. It’s a power stroke, so he will generate a lot of hits to the gap and home runs.


There’s not much on Marsh’s running, but he has plus speed. He’s an outfielder, so the speed will translate into range on the field. I assume that he will be a better than average baserunner, but I have yet to see stats that back that up. All you need to know is that Marsh is fast.


Marsh was a wide receiver for two state championship teams in high school, so you know he has the range to catch any ball that comes his way. His speed will allow him to maximize his range and stick in centerfield. He has a plus-plus arm. His throws have been clocked in the low-90s on the mound. The running start he gets in the outfield should allow him to consistently have throws in the mid-90s. Angels fans haven’t seen an arm as strong as his in the outfield since Vladimir Guerrero.


Brandon has all sorts of raw tools that can translate into him becoming an all-star quality player down the road. We will see how good he actually is this year, as he will play in his first games since being drafted. If he taps into his power and can improve his vision, he could be a dangerous player. Think Carlos Gonzalez, but with a little bit less power and a lot faster. If something fails to develop, Marsh could end up as a Kole Calhoun type of player. If nothing comes together, he’s a defensive replacement in the outfield at best. He’s really a high risk, high reward player.

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