Hector Santiago Traded to the Twin City

Updated: August 2, 2016

As the clock was ticking closer to one o’clock trade deadline; baseball fans all over the world were hoping their favorite team would not make a last-minute impulse trade just to make a trade. But… sadly this is exactly what the Angels did. The Angels gave up the fan favorite, Hector Santiago and minor league reliever Alan Busenitz for the struggling veteran Ricky Nolasco and the twenty-six year old former top prospect Alex Meyer. 

At a quick glance this trade is puzzling because the Twins are not close to competing this year. This trade will definitely improve their pitching staff as they are getting the 2015 All-star Santiago while also improving their depth with Busenitz.

On the Twins side of this; this definitely looks like a move for the future which is always a good philosophy for a small market team like the Twins whom have not gotten deep into the playoffs in many years. This trade will work out very good for the Twins whether they build a rotation around Hector or flip him in the offseason.

On the Angels side of this, they received a veteran piece in Nolasco who has struggled GREATLY the past three years with the Twins. Nolasco has pitched to a 5.44 ERA  and a record of 15-22. Nolasco is going to make twelve million dollars next year while he also has an option for the 2018 season that I cannot imagine the Angels picking up. In this trade the Angels also received the twenty-six year old former first round pick in Alex Meyer who has pitched to a 14.21 ERA in parts of two seasons with the Twins.

Meyer was successful in the minor leagues pitching to a 3.40 ERA and a record of 26-22 in five seasons. Meyer has showcased an electric arm in his career. Usually with a twenty-six year old former prospect you know for the most part what you are going to receive and so far, it is not very promising. I envision Meyer being utilized in more of a spot starter/bullpen role during his Angels tenure reminiscent of  Scot Shields.

I believe the Angels definitely lost out in this trade getting very little value for an All-star starting pitcher in Santiago with more than one year left of arbitration left on his deal. Not to mention Busenitz who could be a valuable bullpen piece. I hope that I am wrong and both of these players end up being valuable assets for the Angels but I am having trouble envisioning  this working out positively for the Halos.

Good luck to Hector Santiago and Alan Busenitz, thanks for everything! And welcome to the Angels, Ricky Nolasco and Alex Meyer!

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