Hector Santiago’s Top 5 Games as an Angel

Updated: August 2, 2016

One of the most exciting players for the Angels for the last two years, Hector Santiago, was involved in a deadline day trade with the Twins. No doubt a fan favorite, and personally my favorite player in the past two years has had so many great moments in such a short time with the Halos. Narrowing it to 5 was hard enough for an all-star player, but here it is, Hector Santiago’s top 5 games as a Halo.

5. Fireworks Like Performance

A Fourth of July blowout against the Rangers, 13-0 to be exact, was headlined by a scoreless seven innings by Hector Santiago. In his penultimate performance before his first only all-star performance as an Angel, Santiago may have had a shaky start, putting 4 men on base in the first 3 innings, but he quickly shaped up by only allowing 1 hit the rest of the game and ended with a solid 1 walk and 3 strikeout game that helped the Angels get a shutout against their divisional rivals.

4. Capping off the Win Streak

Santiago may not have come out of this game with a decision in a June 1o, 2014, but he did enough to help the Angels to a win, their 5th straight at the time. Pitching eight strikeouts in just six innings, Santiago did well enough not to allow any runs while also limiting the Athletics to 3 hits in his whole outing. If only our hitters could have helped him out on the offensive side and he would have come out with a win. Anyway you look at it, though, it was one of Hector’s best outings as an Angel.

3. Absolute Lights Out

In his only outing to go past the 7th inning, Santiago proved his worth once again as he had a two-hitter through 8 innings of pitching in his May 15, 2016, outing vs. the Seattle Mariners. Giving up his first hit in the 6th inning, Hector put in one of his most impressive outings ever and became a name on every Angels fans mind.

2. Taming the Tigers

In his possible best performance, Hector Santiago was lights out against the Tigers on May 29. 7 1/3 innings of no-run baseball while also pitching seven strikeouts, Santiago proved that he was well on his way to becoming an all-star. Once again, Santiago only had 3 hits given up and did his best to prove he was the Angels only good picture in 2015.

1. Blanking the White Sox

What more can be said, 10 strikeouts, 2 hits in 7 innings of pitching while also giving up no runs! Although it was obvious that Santiago did horrible in the first half this season there was one bright spot, and that bright spot shined bigger than any other in his whole Angel career. On April 18th, Santiago proved his worth more than any other time and proved that he was one of our best pitchers for the 2016 season.

Every Angel fan will no doubt thank Hector Santiago for 2 1/2 great seasons and all of us at Halo Headquarters hope for the best for Hector for the rest of his career.

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