Hermosillo Giving It Everything He Has

Updated: March 4, 2017

Angels’ prospect Michael Hermosillo may not necessarily win an outfield spot in 2017. When a club already sports Mike Trout, Kole Calhoun, Cameron Maybin, and Ben Revere to cover all that ground out there, it subsequently becomes harder to imagine needing a fifth guy like Hermosillo aboard.

However, the young man is doing everything he can to prove himself at this point. In Single A ball last year, he averaged a healthy .317. This is particularly impressive on account of the fact that he was a 28th round draft pick back in 2013. Michael does not always like to reminded of how far into the draft he was picked, but he uses it as motivation above all else according to Colton Dodgson of FanRag Sports.

“‘People didn’t really think I had much of a chance to be here at this moment,’ Hermosillo said. ‘Maybe down the road they would’ve thought that, but just being here four years after being drafted, it’s pretty crazy and it’s a constant reminder — just motivation for me just to keep grinding, keep doing what I’m doing because someone’s always watching, someone’s always trying to take my spot and you know, pass me up.’”

Earlier in Spring Training, Hermosillo had one of the more exciting moments in his baseball life. On Feb. 28, he had his very first hit in a Halos uniform. Of all the hits he could have gotten, he happened to do so via a solo round-tripper. Not bad at all, young blood. What is even cooler to note about the home run is that his family was in the bleachers to support him.

While such a moment was surely one that caused an adrenaline rush to flow throughout his body, he is just happy he gets to absorb what those around him have taught him. Maybin has perhaps been his biggest mentor and advocate. The former Detroit Tiger senses Hermosillo’s love for the game and his desire to improve.

“‘The one thing I’ve seen already is that he cares,’ Maybin said. ‘He’s always willing to listen, so as a young guy with as much talent as he has, you know, sometimes it’s easy to think that, you know, we got it, we’ll be good on our own. One thing that I enjoy when I speak to him is his intent to listen, to try to get better.’”

Mike Scioscia also sees Hermosillo’s potential. He is specifically pleased with the overall athleticism the non-roster invitee possesses. He highly anticipates witnessing further development as time goes on and truly understands that it was not simple for Hermosillo to make it to where he presently is.

“‘He’s come a long way.’”

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