How Good Can the Angels’ Offense Be?

Updated: February 9, 2017

Last season, the Angels were able to post a league-average offense despite some serious holes and deficiencies. Even though the Angels essentially received nothing from left field, second base, and catcher offensively all season, they were still able to put up 717 runs, “good” for tenth in the American League and seventeenth overall. Honestly, all things considered for the Angels last season, that’s not bad. On top of the season-long struggles from multiple positions, the Angels also lost C.J. Cron, Andrelton Simmons, and Geovany Soto for long periods of time. The Angels did well to put up the level of offense they did. So, looking forward to the upcoming season, can the Angels improve and build upon their offense? Let’s look at their projected lineup:

3B Yunel Escobar

RF Kole Calhoun

CF Mike Trout

DH Albert Pujols

1B C.J. Cron

2B Danny Espinosa

LF Cameron Maybin

SS Andrelton Simmons

C Martin Maldonado/Carlos Perez

That should be close to what the Angels will field in the season, with new additions Ben Revere and Luis Valbuena filling in for Maybin and Cron against right handers, for the most part. Obviously, you can’t just assume that players like Escobar, Calhoun, and Pujols will replicate their stats from last season; in fact, Pujols is already potentially going to miss the beginning of the season. It’s certainly possible that with age and injury, Pujols will continue to decline, and a little regression for Escobar shouldn’t necessarily be expected, but is definitely possible. However, some improvement is possible from Calhoun, who continues to develop year by year, and Cron, who also showed some positive development last season, when healthy. Add that to improvement from left field and second base, and you can see the makings of a good offense coming together.

You know that Mike Trout will put together an MVP season, and Pujols and Cron will bring power. If Calhoun continues to improve his on-base percentage, he and Escobar could be a strong duo at the top of the order. Every single team has question marks heading into the season, and every team will rely on players improving and developing. There are not a lot of sure things in baseball; the Angels are lucky to have one of them in Trout. The Angels will be relying on some of that development and improvement from players like Calhoun, Cron, and Perez, career years from players like Espinosa and Escobar, and health from players like Maybin and Pujols. If those things happen, the Angels could have a top five offense in the American League. The Angels may not be able to compete with offenses like the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cleveland Indians, but there’s no reason the Angels can’t slide right behind those teams with a little bit of development, improvement, and health. I predict great things from the Halo offense this season.

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