The Hunter Family Tradition Continues: Our Angel Player Predictions!

Updated: April 2, 2017

We finally made it! The regular season begins tomorrow, and meaningful baseball returns to our world once again! After predicting everything from the Angelsall-stars to who will win the World Series in our prediction series, we move to a time-honored family tradition; Angel player predictions! My dad and I sit down every year and write out our predictions for the batting average and home runs and RBI totals for the whole Halo lineup. We also predict the ERA and wins-loss record for the starting five and the saves and ERA for the closer, as well as the team’s overall record. I know, some of these are antiquated stats, but we still have fun with it, and at the end of the year we go back to see how close we got. So this year, we’re going to share all of those predictions here on Halo Headquarters, and with you Angel fans, so you can mock us when we get everything so spectacularly wrong! Without further ado, here are our predictions! (An added note, my dad’s predictions are exact numbers, my predictions are estimates. So if I say I think Mike Trout will hit forty home runs, then I’m saying he’s going to hit around forty home runs.) Enjoy!

Rick Hunter (AKA My Dad):

Yunel Escobar – .309/5/63

Kole Calhoun – .285/23/78

Mike Trout – .319/37/106

Albert Pujols – .265/41/122

C.J. Cron – .289/25/79

Danny Espinosa – .239/21/66

Cameron Maybin – .293/5/49

Andrelton Simmons – .279/8/52

Martin Maldonado – .252/5/39

Carlos Perez – .245/8/43


Ricky Nolasco – 15-9/4.25

Garrett Richards – 17-7/3.29

Matt Shoemaker – 14-8/3.89

Tyler Skaggs – 12-9/4.29

Jesse Chavez – 10-5/3.75

Cam Bedrosian – 35/2.69

Huston Street – 15/3.78

Overall record – 90-72

My Predictions:

Escobar – .305/5/55

Calhoun – .295/25/80

Trout – .320/40/110

Pujols – .240/30/120

Cron – .250/25/75

Espinosa – .220/20/60

Maybin – .280/10/60

Simmons – .270/10/50

Maldonado – .210/5/40

Perez – .230/5/35


Nolasco – 14-10/4.00

Richards – 12-5/3.50

Shoemaker – 18-8/3.00

Skaggs – 5-10/5.00

Chavez – 10-8/4.50

Bedrosian – 45/2.25

Overall record – 92-70.

Those are our selections! As you can see we’re both predicting good things from C.J. Cron, and it’s no secret that I think Calhoun and Shoemaker are going to have breakout years. My dad thinks that Street will regain his closer role at some point, while I think Bedrosian is going to hold on to that role and become one of the best closers in baseball. Trout is going to have another MVP-type season, according to both of us, and we both think Pujols will have a typically strong season in the power and run-producing departments. I’m not sold on Skaggs, I just don’t see anything from him that makes me think he can finally break out, though I hope I’m wrong, and we both think Nolasco, Richards, and Shoemaker are going to be the leaders of this team in the rotation. Overall, we both had predicted almost an identical record for our Halos. Like father, like son! A new season for our Halos starts tomorrow, and hopefully it’s a good one! Either way, baseball is upon us, and that’s a great thing for us!




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