Hunter Jr. Grateful For Opportunity

Updated: March 20, 2017

Torii Hunter Jr. did not necessarily have a spring training debut filled with positives in the results category. He struck out a pair of times, and, in addition, there was a point when the sun up above created some trouble for the young man. In spite of this being true, the Notre Dame product still enjoyed his first day aboard the Angels’ vessel.

Jeff Fletcher of The Orange County Register speaks about Hunter Jr.’s personal reflections on the experience.

“‘It was awesome,’ Hunter Jr. said after the Sunday’s game, which the Angels lost to the White Sox. ‘Just a great opportunity coming up from minor league camp and being able to work with these guys for one day was awesome.’”

What made the experience every bit as awesome was that there was a certain someone cheering on the 21-year-old in the bleachers that we all know and love: Torii Hunter. Yes, the former Angel stud was in the crowd to support his boy. Hunter Sr. shared his thoughts on what the day signified for the Hunter family.

“‘To pinch run for Mike Trout is a sentimental moment,’ said the elder Hunter, who now works as a special assistant with the Minnesota Twins. ‘Something I’ll never forget… I can’t believe this boy is wearing an Angels uniform. The strikeouts, losing the ball in center field in the sun. This is all going to make him better. Failure is going to make you better.’”

Hunter Jr.’s father certainly has reason to be happy because to be substituted for the best player in the game is not a moment everyone gets to be connected with. It will be a story the young individual will be able to tell his grandkids one day. Additionally, Hunter Sr.’s perspective on the day’s events could not have been put any better. Hunter Jr. has some work to do, indeed, yet there is usually never any success without having to endure some extent of struggle along the way. It is largely why, too, Hunter Jr. has given baseball a chance.

In his days at Notre Dame, Hunter Jr.’s original goal was to play football for a living. However, his dream changed one day upon having incurred a concussion. Thus, he no longer wanted to play for the Fighting Irish or elsewhere. It is a type of blow that cannot ever be wished upon one or planned for. Nevertheless, the injury granted Hunter Sr.’s son with a fresh start. Hunter Jr. even admitted that the concussion “‘knocked some sense into me.’”

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