Huston Street Has Right Lat Strain, Out 3-4 Weeks

Updated: March 5, 2017

In order for the Angels to contend this season, they certainly need their core assets to be as healthy as possible. The bevy of injuries that smothered the team last year is partly what kept them out of the playoff hunt as it is. With Opening Day a little less than a month away time wise, the team has officially lost Huston Street for a three to four week stretch of time.

General Manager Billy Eppler imparted that the veteran right-hander has a lat strain. As a result, this likely puts the closer candidate on the shelf for Opening Day. This diagnosis is a tad different from the original prediction, which suggested that the issue stemmed from his triceps region.

This is not the most uplifting news for a guy like Street to deal with because he was already limited by injuries in 2016. He merely appeared in 26 games, accumulating a hefty 6.85 ERA. Each category is representative of a career low. His offseason was highly geared toward getting back into game shape and reasserting himself as the alpha dog in the back end of the ball club’s bullpen. Alas, he has suffered yet another setback and will have to exercise patience for what will likely be the rest of this month.

What is perhaps somewhat encouraging about the injury (if that is fair to say) is that it is only a Grade 1-plus strain according to what Maria Guardado recently indicated. Grade 1 type injuries are deemed more minor in scope, whereas Grade 3 ones are precisely the opposite. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the hurler is all too thrilled with the cards he has been dealt. He put in a lot of time the last several months to get back into the swing of things.

“‘I put in a lot of really hard work this offseason, so it’s obviously frustrating because you feel like maybe you deserve better,’ Street said. ‘But no sense in looking more than just that one day ahead. It’s just a speed bump.’”

Even if Street missed the least amount of time possible, it is unlikely he will be ready for the real deal. He would feasibly need a few days at least to reestablish the overall feel for his pitches and find the strength necessary to step back onto the mound.

The Halos do have some degree of depth when it comes to the later innings by virtue of having Cam Bedrosian and Andrew Bailey. Each player stepped up last year in the critical parts of games, and what was now likely Street’s job (presumably) is there for the taking. If one of them truly blows Mike Scioscia away in the time to come, Huston may have to earn his usual title back.

While no injuries are ever desirable, it is probably better that it occurred now rather than later since practice games are still being sifted through. What is good to ascertain, too, is that Street’s mind is in a decent place according to what Eppler exhibited following the discovery of the MRI results.

“‘You don’t want to see a situation where a guy puts in so much work in the winter time, not only with his own rehab but also his conditioning and how he approached everything [and then gets hurt],’ Eppler said. ‘We’re disappointed. I know he is as well, but he’s got his mind in the right spot. He’ll endure this, and he’ll make it through.’”

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